Quantum-Sapiens: The Quantum Bases for Human Expertise, Knowledge, and Problem-Solving (Extended Version with Applications) (2021)

Despite the great promises and potential of quantum computing, the fullrange of possibilities and practical applications is not yet clear. In this contribution, we highlight the potential for quantum theories and computation to reignite the art and science of expert systems and knowledge engineering. With their grounding in uncertainty and unpredictability, quantum concepts are able to expand theoretical and practical boundaries of research and exploration. We demonstrate the advantages of using quantum logic and computation when applying expert knowledge such as the ability to ask imprecise (inherently probabalistic) queries and do so e complicated computational spaces by leveraging quantum concepts such as superposition, entanglement, parallelism, and interference to sustain and manipulate networks of quantum qubits. This, we argue, can provide non-insignificant computational speedups and enable more complex data representations and analysis. We then explore three practical applications and provide evidence for their quantum advantages – Scientific Discovery, Creativity and Breakthrough Thinking, Complex Systems, and Future of Sports – that we regard as largely unexplored in popular accounts of quantum theory; as such, we suggest these are low hanging fruit for the more-immediately feasible applications of quantum technologies.

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Bickley Steve J., Chan Ho Fai, Schmidt Sascha L., Torgler Benno