Is Science Able to Perform Under Pressure? Insights from COVID-19 (2020)

Although science has been an incredibly pow erful and revolutionary force, it is notclear whether science is suited to perf ormance under pressure; generally, science achieves best in its usual comfort zone of patience, caution, and slowness. But if science is organized knowledge and acts as a guiding force for making informed decisions, it is important to understand how science and scientists perform as a reliable and valuable institution in a global crisis such as COVID-19. This paper provides insights and reflections looking at aspects such as speed, transparency, trust, data sharing, scientists in the political arena, and the psychology of scientists; all of which are areas inviting more detailed investigation by future studies conducting systematic empirical studies.

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Chan Ho Fai, Ferguson Nikita, Savage David A., Stadelmann David, Torgler Benno