How Does Globalisation Affect COVID-19 Responses? (2020)

This paper examines the effects of globalisation on the pace of governments implementing internationaltravel restrictions during the recent coronavirus pandemic. We find that more globalised countries experienced a longer delay in implementing international travel restriction policies with respect to the date of the first confirmed COVID-19 case. We also find that informational (a subcomponent of social globalisation) and political globalisation have the strongest effects on the observed delays in implementing international travel restriction policies in more globalised countries. Lastly, we do not find evidence that more globalised countries are more likely to adopt a more restrictive international travel policy as the first response to the pandemic. These findings highlight the dynamic relationship between globalisation and protectionism when governments respond to significant global events such as a public health crisis.

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Bickley Steve J., Chan Ho Fai, Skali Ahmed, Stadelmann David, Torgler Benno