Center for Research in Economics, Management and the Arts

CREMA is a private, politically and ideologically uncommitted organization founded by Bruno S. Frey (University of Basel), Reiner Eichenberger (University of Fribourg), René L. Frey (University of Basel) and Margit Osterloh (University of Zurich and Basel). It is financed by private means (contributed by the founders) without funding of its studies by third parties (clients).

In the Economists Influence Ranking 2020 of Switzerland, no less than 4 CREMA Fellows are among the 10 most influential economists. Our small private CREMA Institute is ranked in 5th place

… promotes scientific research in economics, management and the arts, including insights from the neighboring social sciences (in particular psychology, sociology, and law). The perspective is on real-life issues in society and novel insights and arguments

… welcomes contributions by CREMA-Fellows of all disciplines

… encourages and supports young scholars

Current Scientific Staff

Andre S. Briviba – Post-Doc & Research Associate
Maria Augstburger
– Research Assistant
Beyza Bani
– Research Assistant
Pierrette Lamezan
– Research Assistant
Fabian Rullmann
– Research Assistant
Valentin Schnellmann
– Research Assistant